The Top 6 Watches to Wear During the Apocalypse

The Top 6 Watches to Wear During the Apocalypse

Okay, so the Coronavirus pandemic is not the apocalypse, but it is pretty scary (and not only because we can’t buy toilet paper)! I’m not sure about you, but it has gotten my mind racing. My thoughts have turned to what I would do if it continued to get much worse. The first, and most important decision is, of course, what watch to wear!

Stick with us at StrapHabit to guide you through the decision process and reveal what is the best watch to wear for any kind of Zombieland/I am Legend/Book of Eli type situation (I also posted this article with our friends at at

6. Seiko Astron SAST025

Seiko Astron SAST025

This might seem like a strange choice, as most Seiko fans would jump straight to the SKX, but hear me out:

  • The Astron is solar powered, so you won’t have to worry about finding batteries, or servicing.
  • It has a ceramic bezel, which will protect it from damage.
  • As you travel across the country looking for supplies, it will continue to update its time zone, allowing you to keep track of your location.
  • Long after any other means of time keeping have shut down, I expect that the GPS satellites will continue to orbit, giving you the most accurate watch on the planet.

So why have I selected this reference number, rather than one that is still in production? I just think it looks cool. You still want to have a nice watch to look at, right?

If you'd prefer a new model, I'd recommend SSE159J1 (affiliate link) with its beautiful blue dial.

5. Sinn U1 Camoflage 1010.0101

Sinn U1 Camoflage 1010.0101
Photo courtesy of

There isn’t a Sinn watch available that would be a bad choice for surviving extreme conditions. So why is the U1 Camoflage the #5 best watch for the apocalypse?

  • The case and crown are made of German Submarine steel, and the bezel is made with Sinn’s Tegiment technology, making it impervious to damage.
  • 1000m water resistance – just in case!
  • It is also low pressure resistant.
  • If you need to hide out in the woods for a period of time, the camo will allow you to check the time and stay incognito!

You can purchase this model directly from Sinn.

UPDATE: I also had my hands on one of these watches, you can read the review here.

4. Omega Ploprof

Omega Ploprof
Image courtesy of

An Omega diving watch might seem like an obvious choice, but let me explain why this reference of PloProf is the #4 best apocalypse watch.

  • Its 1200m water resistance beats that of the Sinn.
  • The co-axial escapement won’t need a service for years, and its 15,000 gauss magnetic resistance will ensure that it always keeps good time.
  • A locking timing bezel means that you will never accidentally miss a sunset (best be home by dark).
  • The black dial has the best legibility, and this ref # is made of titanium on a titanium mesh bracelet. You’ll have a (relatively) lightweight watch to lug around all day, but even a shark (or a zombie) won’t be able to bite it off your wrist.
  • Finally, would you mess with a guy or gal wearing a watch that looks like this?

If you'd like one, you can purchase the PloProf at our affiliate link here. Do you think the PloProf is too big, but would still love an Omega diver? Check out the review of the Planet Ocean Chronograph.

3. Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659

Wait, isn’t the Submariner the obvious choice if you’re going with Rolex? I like the Sub, but if you can afford one, 226659 is the #3 best watch to wear during the apocalypse.

  • Compared to the Sub, the 42mm Yacht-Master’s bigger dimensions will make it easier to read in difficult conditions.
  • The Oysterflex bracelet will have longer-lasting comfort, and allow the watch to fit snugly to your wrist while you are running for your life.
  • If and when we return to having a functional economy, you’re going to have a chunk of subtle white gold strapped to your wrist. You won’t attract attention from vandals, but you’ll be a step ahead of most in establishing yourself by trading it for valuable goods or shelter.

The Yacht-Master is almost impossible to find at a Rolex dealer right now, but they actually have them on Amazon. Check out our affiliate link (but beware, it's not cheap).

2. Marathon GSAR WW194006

Marathon GSAR WW194006
Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for a mechanical watch, the Marathon GSAR is by far the best choice to survive the apocalypse.

  • Compared to the TSAR, the automatic movement in the GSAR will never need a battery.
  • Tritium lume will ensure that you can always read the time.
  • If it’s good enough for the US military, it’s good enough for you.
  • Finally, this guy drove a fire truck over his, and it sustained no damage.

I would just recommend swapping out the cheap standard rubber strap for one of our StrapHabit elastic straps to hold it more snugly on your wrist.

If you'd like to start preparing, you can check the latest GSAR prices at our affiliate link here.

1. Casio G-Shock GX56BB-1

Casio G-Shock GX56BB-1
Photo courtesy of

Of course a G-Shock had to be on this list! If it can’t survive it, chances are you won’t either. But why this specific model?

  • The GX56 series has a bigger case with even more shock protection than a standard G.
  • This model omits the atomic clock sync function, but I expect that the broadcast will quickly stop functioning after the world shuts down anyway.
  • Solar power will ensure that you never need to find a battery
  • The all-black design and negative LCD will help you to hide in the shadows when needed.
  • Auto EL backlight will allow hands-free checks of the time, even in full darkness.

If you're ready to buy the #1 best apocalypse watch, check our our affiliate link.

Your thoughts?

Which watch would you wear from this list to survive the apocalypse? Or do you think you have a better option? We’d love to hear your pick in the comments below, and stay safe!

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