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Thin Spring Bars for Seiko Fat Lug Holes

Thin Spring Bars for Seiko Fat Lug Holes

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Spring bars with 1.1mm tips that are 1.8mm thick in the center, allowing fat tip spring bars to be installed in standard straps.

Includes 2 spring bars.

While all of our straps fit safely and securely on Seiko watches with fat lug holes, some customers don't prefer the slight wiggle that is present when installing them on Seiko divers. The quick-release spring bars standard in our straps feature 0.8mm tips, while Seiko diver spring bars use 1.1mm tips.

Seiko fat spring bars also often can't be installed in standard straps, as they are too thick to fit.

This is why we've developed a new spring bar! It has 1.1mm tips but is 1.8mm at the center. This allows it to be installed in StrapHabit straps and Stainless Steel bracelets, as well as any of your other favorite straps.

We recommend using with the following rubber straps as they have the easiest to remove Springbars:

-Ridge Rubber
-Smooth Rubber
-Vented Rubber
-Slim Ridge Rubber

These also work great with:
-Beads of Rice Bracelets

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