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Slim Ridge FKM Rubber Quick Release Watch Straps

Slim Ridge FKM Rubber Quick Release Watch Straps

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Genuine FKM rubber two-piece watch straps with quick release springbars. Available in 20mm and 22mm lug widths. Two floating keepers shaped to match the strap ridges. Nine adjustment holes mean that these straps should fit well on any size wrist.

Our StrapHabit Rubber straps are extremely durable, and comfortable. The deep colors look fantastic! Quick release springbars allow you to quickly swap straps in seconds without tools.

Compared to our original Ridge and Smooth Rubber straps, these ones are thinner and have a mostly smooth underside. If you're looking for a thinner FKM rubber strap, these are the ones for you!

These straps are NOT silicone, they are genuine FKM rubber. They feel nearly as soft and flexible as silicone, but are much stronger, and resistant to picking up fuzz, or cracking. In the photos, you can see how flexible they are, and that they can be completely folded without stretching or cracking.

Compared to traditional vulcanized rubber, FKM adds increased durability, chemical, and heat resistance.



Quick Release Springbars

20mm Strap Length: 2.75in/4.75in - 70mm/120mm (not including buckle)

22mm Strap Length: 3in/5in - 75mm/125mm (not including buckle)

Width: 20mm and 22mm

Buckle Size: 18mm and 20mm

Buckle: Brushed Stainless steel

Thickness: 2.5mm to 5mm

Quick release spring bars compatible with traditional and Seiko fat lug holes included.

If anything that you're looking for is out of stock, please email us and we'll try to find one, or give an ETA.

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