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  • Sinn U1 Camouflage Watch Review and Comparison to Sinn U1 S

    Recently I wrote about how I believe that the Sinn U1 S is the best diving watch. If you’ve been following the StrapHabit blog since the beginning, you might also remember that I named the U1 Camouflage the 5th best watch to wear during the apocalypse. I hadn’t actually handled the “Camo” in person, but I really liked the look of it in photos. As luck would have it, a friend of mine recently loaned me his U1 Camo to review and compare to my U1 S!
  • Seiko Prospex LX Sky Limited Edition Watch Review - SNR049J1 (SBDB041)

    Released at BaselWorld 2019, the Seiko Prospex LX line provided near-Grand Seiko quality (and pricing) in a series of premium tool watches. Designed to be worn at sea (diver), on land (field), and in the sky (GMT), six models total were released in titanium with and without black coatings. The sky series included the SNR033, titanium bracelet to match the case, a blue dial, and a "batman" style black and blue roating 24 hr bezel.
  • Synchron Military Watch Review, Black Edition - Homage, or Something More?

    Fast forwarding to 2021, the new Synchron company released an homage to the original Synchron-made Doxa Army called the Synchron Military. Almost immediately after its release, the Doxa brand released an image of its original Army, hinting at a future re-release, and firing shots at Synchron. Watch collectors debated whether this watch being created under the name of the brand that created the original made it something special, or if it was just another knock-off.
  • Autodromo Group B Series 2 Automatic Watch Review

    A racing watch is a different thing from a car watch. A car watch sometimes isn't even a chronograph, but typically features styling cues taken from a car. Perhaps it has a fake redline from a rev counter across the dial. Car watches are difficult to execute well, but I’m reviewing a car watch anyway. It’s the Autodromo Group B. My favorite from the popular microbrand.

  • Seiko Prospex "62MAS" SBDC101 (SPB143) Watch Review

    The Seiko divers that got us unto this hobby were so unconventional as to feel special despite their low price. You didn't feel like you were buying them because they were a cheaper look-alike of the watch you really wanted but couldn't afford.  So does a more conventional and also more expensive Seiko diver still capture the charm that got us into this hobby?
  • Original vs. Midsize "Casioak" Watches: Is the GMAS Only For Women? - Casio G-Shock GAMAS2100 vs. GA2100

    It's been over a year since I originally reviewed the Casio G-Shock GA2110SU (also known within watch collecting circles as the "Casioak"). I would have thought by now that supply would have caught up with demand, but many of the colors are still often sold out. Unsurprisingly, Casio has continued to capitalize on the popularity of the series by releasing a new line of slightly smaller Casioaks. The watches are marketed as being for women, but in my opinion, some (or all) of the colors could also be worn by a man with a smaller wrist, or just one who prefers smaller sized watches. 
  • Tudor North Flag Watch Review - Overlooked Classic or Discontinued For a Reason? (91210N)

    Anyone who even casually follows watch media probably read coverage of Tudor’s 2021 new releases. Unless you were really paying attention though, you might not have noticed that Tudor also quietly removed a few models from its website. I had been hearing rumors of this coming for a while, but the official cancellation of the North Flag on the other hand did not make sense to me.
  • Why the Sinn U1 S Is the Best Diving Watch Available. Trust Me, I’m an Expert.

    We've all seen those commercials: "You're not a doctor!" "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night." Well I've never been deeper in water than the bottom of a swimming pool, but I have over 1000 posts on a watch forum. That officially certifies me as a dive watch expert. This why I'm qualified to say that the Sinn U1 S is the best diving watch that money can buy.
  • Tissot PRX (T1374101105100) Watch Review

    By now, I'm sure that you've also noticed another 1970's trend that has resurfaced. Yes, stainless steel sports watches with integrated bracelets are "in." It's to the point that giving five (or more) figures of your hard-earned money to Audmars Piguet or Patek Philippe to buy such a watch from them is considered a massive privilege. Luckily, for the rest of us, more affordable brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Tissot is one of the latest, with the (very faithful) reissue of its 1978 PRX model.

  • Christopher Ward C65 Trident Automatic Watch Review (C65-41ADA1)

    Christopher Ward has developed a "bang for the buck" reputation among watch enthusiasts as it has been "cutting out the middle man" since before the term was a cliché. Its contender in the "retro-dive" category is the C65 Trident Automatic.
  • Merci LMM-H01 Limited Edition for Hodinkee Watch Review

    I must admit that before their collaboration with Hodinkee, I was not familiar with the French brand Merci's watches. Heck, until I started writin...
  • Nodus Duality Watch Review

    Dual-crown "compressor-style" divers have become quite popular in recent years with micro and large brands alike. Los Angeles-based Nodus Watches' entry into the segment is the Duality.