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  • Tawbury Bayswater 12 Slot Watch Box Review

    If you've ever tried to buy a watch box, you might have experienced the same thing as I have. Most watch boxes fall into one of two categories: cheap and crappy, or very expensive. The other challenge is finding one that has a storage drawer (critical for a strap addict like myself), and that stores the right number of watches.

  • Seiko Prospex SRPC07 (SRPB97) - The Orange Samurai

    Does the Seiko Orange Samurai have the fun and charm of the more popular Orange Monster? It definitely has some unique attributes. Read the blog to find out more!
  • Lum-Tec Vortex D2 Watch Review

    We watch collectors love lume, but don't always bond with quartz watches. How did Lum-Tec's solar-powered Vortex D2 with its tri-color lume stack up? Read more to find out.
  • Batman Battle: Rolex GMT Master II vs. Seiko Prospex LX (116710BLNR vs. SNR041J1)

    As demand for Rolex sports watches increases, many are left disappointed. A Rolex was once something to be purchased upon reaching a milestone. Now, buyers are met with a long waiting list. This has lead many people to explore other brands like Grand Seiko. If you’re specifically looking for a Rolex GMT Master II BLNR (a.k.a the “Batman”), Grand Seiko doesn’t really have anything. Luckily, Seiko’s Proxpex LX line is built to near Grand Seiko quality levels, including the blue and black SNR049.

  • All Wood Watch Review: Tree & Twig Aspen

    While wood watches are not typically on the radar of hardcore watch hobbyists, I know a number of people who have bought one for themselves, or re...
  • Vostok Komandirskie K-65 24 Hours White (650546) Watch Review

    Like the junkies that we are, many watch hobbyists require larger and larger doses the longer that we are held in the grips of addiction. Purchase prices continue to escalate in order for us to be able to “feel something” from a watch purchase. When you took your first hit of SKX, you probably never imagined that you’d describe a four figure price tag as “great value for money.” Luckily, Russian watches can be a great way to get that cheap high.
  • DWISS R2 Floating Hours Watch Review

    Swiss watch brand DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland) offers a collection of watches that focuses on unique methods of displaying time. They also employ intricate case designs and innovative uses of materials. Starting at $990, the R2 collection with floating hours is the current entry point to the brand. 
  • Charity Giveaway! Win an Oris Roberto Clemente Limited Edition Big Crown Pointer Date for Supporting Movember

    We're giving away an Oris Roberto Clemente Limited Edition Big Crown Pointer Date
  • Sinn U1 Camouflage Watch Review and Comparison to Sinn U1 S

    Recently I wrote about how I believe that the Sinn U1 S is the best diving watch. If you’ve been following the StrapHabit blog since the beginning, you might also remember that I named the U1 Camouflage the 5th best watch to wear during the apocalypse. I hadn’t actually handled the “Camo” in person, but I really liked the look of it in photos. As luck would have it, a friend of mine recently loaned me his U1 Camo to review and compare to my U1 S!
  • Seiko Prospex LX Sky Limited Edition Watch Review - SNR049J1 (SBDB041)

    Released at BaselWorld 2019, the Seiko Prospex LX line provided near-Grand Seiko quality (and pricing) in a series of premium tool watches. Designed to be worn at sea (diver), on land (field), and in the sky (GMT), six models total were released in titanium with and without black coatings. The sky series included the SNR033, titanium bracelet to match the case, a blue dial, and a "batman" style black and blue roating 24 hr bezel.
  • Synchron Military Watch Review, Black Edition - Homage, or Something More?

    Fast forwarding to 2021, the new Synchron company released an homage to the original Synchron-made Doxa Army called the Synchron Military. Almost immediately after its release, the Doxa brand released an image of its original Army, hinting at a future re-release, and firing shots at Synchron. Watch collectors debated whether this watch being created under the name of the brand that created the original made it something special, or if it was just another knock-off.
  • Autodromo Group B Series 2 Automatic Watch Review

    A racing watch is a different thing from a car watch. A car watch sometimes isn't even a chronograph, but typically features styling cues taken from a car. Perhaps it has a fake redline from a rev counter across the dial. Car watches are difficult to execute well, but I’m reviewing a car watch anyway. It’s the Autodromo Group B. My favorite from the popular microbrand.