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Brodinkee x StrapHabit 2022 Real Men Wear Pink Premium Sailcloth Quick Release Watch Straps

Brodinkee x StrapHabit 2022 Real Men Wear Pink Premium Sailcloth Quick Release Watch Straps

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An update on RMWP 2023:

While the Premium Sailcloth strap will not return, a new strap is available now!

Check out the 2023 MWP straps here!




If you love the pink straps, and would like some other colors, check out our new Colorway Collection!

An update on RMWP 2022:

$10,850 (and counting)!!! That's what you guys helped us to raise through your purchases of the #RMWP pink straps! 412 straps purchased x $25 = $10,300 plus $550 for the 22 straps that people received for free by donating $25 directly and using BROCODE, and that's a monumental amount. . Add in almost $10k that generous people have donated directly, and Bro has raised over $20k!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported by purchasing a strap, donating, or even sharing and spreading the word. And a HUGE thanks to @brodinkee for using his platform for this, and allowing StrapHabit to participate. The amazing response helped me, and especially my mom to get through this tough time.

I know some of you might be tired of seeing hundreds of pink straps flooding your feed, but the result shows in real dollars, and the people you'll be helping in the future will thank you!


A Note regarding the future of RMWP Brodinkee x StrapHabit straps:

As excited as Bro and I are that we raised so much money, there were still a lot of people who expressed disappointment that they were not able to buy a pink strap. We did three restocks during the year, but demand greatly exceeded what we expected it to be (we originally expected to sell 50 straps)! Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to produce more before the end of breast cancer month 2022. I'm sorry to everyone who was excited and was not able to participate this year.

BUT, based on the massive amount of money that was raised (and the fun that we had), Bro and I have pledged to do it again next year, and some form of pink will be back! We plan to take a breather for a bit, and then reconvene to figure out what that will be. Trust us, whatever it is, it will be good!

Thank you again to everyone, it was an amazing experience!



After supporting the Movember men's health charity in 2020 and 2021, StrapHabit wanted to do something different for 2022. This year we're releasing a limited run of our popular Premium Sailcloth straps in PINK to support Brodinkee and the American Cancer Society in its fight against breast cancer.

We're working with our favorite watch meme account @brodinkee to support his 2022 "Real Men Wear Pink" fundraiser. He raised over $6,000 last year, but we're hoping to eclipse that this year! Someone very close to the StrapHabit family is currently battling breast cancer. Since we can't do as much as we'd like to help her directly, we're grateful for an opportunity to provide support to others in the future.


There are two ways to buy these straps and support the American Cancer Society in its fight against breast cancer:

1: Donate $25 to Brodinkee's ACS "Real Men Wear Pink" page. Then use the code "BROCODE" to get your pink strap free of cost with free shipping. Please use the same name to order the strap so that we can verify the donations. This will also enter you into any giveaways that Bro might do later this year.


2. Purchase the strap directly from StrapHabit. At the end of breast cancer month in October, we'll donate the full purchase cost ($25) for each strap sold to Bro's fundraiser.

Discounts and sales do not apply to these straps for charity.


Just like our Premium sailcloth watch straps, these feature quick-release spring bars and have one fixed and one floating keeper.

The 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm sizes of the pink straps also feature a shorter 115mm tailpiece to go with the standard 75mm and 125mm sections.



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Quick Release Springbars

Length: 73mm/125mm (not including buckle) plus a bonus 115mm piece for the 18, 20, and 22mm sizes.

Width (Strap/Buckle): 18/16mm, 19/18mm, 20/18mm, 21/18mm, and 22/20mm

Lining: Black Leather

Hardware: Stainless steel

Thickness: 3mm

Quick release spring bars compatible with traditional and Seiko fat lug holes included.

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