Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Like many watch collectors, I found myself wanting fitness watch functions, but unwilling to wear a fitness watch. I still wanted something that wears and looks like the watches I'm used to. I decided to try out the Casio G-Shock MOVE DWH5600 to see if it could bridge both worlds.

I stumbled across a DWH5600 YouTube review by friend of the brand Random Rob. I messaged Rob and he quickly offered to send it to me to check out. The watch was even the blue "-2" variant that I preferred! Keep reading to find out how it works.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 First Impressions and Details

The biggest differences between this and other standard G-Shocks that I've owned are the thickness and the display. Due to the sensors on the back, the watch is about 5.5mm thicker than a Casioak.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Despite the looks, it's still lightweight and you don't notice the thickness much while wearing it. It's also still more compact than a lot of fitness watches.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

The MIP display looks much crisper than the segmented LCDs on lesser Casios. It allows the display of much more information and makes the watch look more expensive. A solar panel surrounds it.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Current G-Shock owners will find the look and shape of the DWH5600. The bezel design and integrated strap with small recesses are faithful to the original. Interestingly, the mode button is a copper color, while the others are black.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Wearing the Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2

Besides the aforementioned thickness, the GA2300 wears like any other G-Shock, which is to say comfortably. The legibility of the MIP display is better than that of a typical negative LCD G-shock.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

It also has an auto illumination feature that activates the backlight when you tilt your wrist.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

As I discovered when I bought the Bluetooth Casioak, syncing with your phone is transparent, and never distracting. Depending on where you live, it's likely also more reliable than syncing to the atomic clock.

The basic functions and menu operation are similar to that of basic G-Shocks, other than some functions require pressing the enter button to enable. Still, the easiest way to use it is through the phone app. Many additional functions and configurations are available there as well.

Inside that app, the main display can be configured in several ways via the app. A simple display similar to the standard DW5600 is the default.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

The day display can also be changed to display various health data such as heart rate, steps, or even moon phase and sunrise/sunset.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

A third display shows your steps for a full week.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

A plethora of modes are also available. It has the traditional world time, timing, and alarm functions. Additionally, various health displays are available, and it has several tracking functions for different types of exercise.

Connecting the Casio MOVE G-Shock DWH5600-2 to Strava

The main reason that I wanted a fitness watch was for mountain biking. While the Casio app does track workouts, it has minimal functionality outside of that. You can, however, connect it to Strava and Apple Fitness.

Inside the Casio app, go to My Page, then tap the hamburger menu in the upper right. Select "Link with External App." Then choose Strava.

The app won't automatically sync with Strava, but you can record a workout with the watch and then push it to Strava. DWH5600 doesn't have GPS, but I always carry my phone in my Camelbak. This allows the Casio app to record GPS also. The watch has no cycling mode, so I recorded my ride as a run. At the end of the lap, I stopped the workout with the watch.

After your workout, wait for the data to sync with the Casio app. Once you see the ride in your timeline, open it. Tap the three dots and select "Send to Strava." Your ride will then show up in Strava as a run.

Because it thinks I was running at cycling speed, it showed that I was an elite runner (I am not elite at anything). Strava did suggest that I change it to a ride. After you change it to a mountain bike ride, it will show times for mountain bike segments.

My segment times were too fast the first time I used it. I turned off the auto stop and lap timing functions, and the next time that I used it was much more accurate.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Strap

The resin strap will feel familiar to owners of other G-Shock models, but the material feels slightly more pliable.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

The strap has a single tang buckle. The holes are placed closer together than other G-Shock models, likely to allow a better fit for the sensors on the back. Interestingly, the keeper is just slightly lighter in color than the strap.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Movement (Module)

As mentioned, DWH5600 can measure steps, heart rate, and blood O2. It can also track sleep and estimate calories burned. From what I found, the heart rate sensor can't be connected to a ton of devices, but it can link to Strava. It also has reminders to move, which I find distracting but will likely leave on for my health.

The sensors are integrated into a machined metal caseback. They add a bit of thickness but sit in the recess of my wrist while wearing it.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

 A charging cable can be used to top off the battery during heavy use or when solar exposure isn't enough.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Battery Life

The Casio website says that the DWH5600 on a full charge provides 35 hours of run time using heart rate, or 1 month in watch mode. It can stay powered for 11 months with power-saving on.

For the first week, I used the heart rate all day for the first few days, and then only at night and during workouts. It received a good amount of sun exposure during that time. After 9 days, it showed one bar on the battery indicator, so I charged it for a few hours. Solar exposure isn't enough to keep it fully charged on high use, but if you use the extra features sparingly and see some sunlight, it should for a long time without charging using the cable.

Casio G-Shock DWH5600-2 Conclusion

Because I'm only looking to track heart rate, steps, and other basic functions, the G-Shock DWH-5600-2 seems to have all of the functionality that I need. It does what I need it to do, and hasn't distracted me too much.

I'm also more likely to wear it daily than a Garmin-type watch. I carry my phone when I ride my bike anyway, so I don't need a watch with GPS. It's proven to be a great middle ground between a fitness watch and "just a watch."


Name: Casio G-Shock MOVE 5600 Series
Reference Number: DWH5600-2
Price: $299
Width: 44.5 mm
Height: 51.1mm
Thickness: 17.4mm
Weight: 59g
Movement (Module): 3516
Battery Life (without recharging or solar exposure): 35 hours using heart rate, 1 month in watch mode, 11 months with power-saving on
Water Resistance: 200m
Crystal: Mineral
Strap: Resin



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