What Is The Typical Wrist Size Of StrapHabit Customers?

What Is The Typical Wrist Size Of StrapHabit Customers?

Have you ever wondered how your wrist size compares to other people? I sent a poll to all StrapHabit subscribers to share their wrist sizes, and have compiled the results.

The data is shown below. As you can see, the majority of people were between 6.5 and 7.5 inches. A few were under 5.5, and no one who responded was over 8.5 inches. That being said, I have had people with larger wrists than that contact me looking for watch straps, so I know that they are out there.


What is the average wrist size chart

Please note that I did not collect demographic info such as height, weight, gender, or age. StrapHabit customers might not represent an accurate sample of different types of people. Most StrapHabit customers tend to be male adults, which might make the results trend larger.


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As a guy with bigger wrists (8.25 & 8.5"), this does help explain why so many watch collectors want pieces in sizes that are too small for me (40mm is my absolute minimum.)

Please keep making big straps! Thanks!


No surprise in the results. The largest percentages 6.5- 7 & 7-7.5 are in the sweet spot. Most any strap will work with those groups, it is only a matter of remaining tail length. The issue is the 6-6.5 the 3rd largest group. One can’t wear a “standard” size without excessive tail length. Smaller wrist are not sufficiently supported and judging from the survey is a fair share of the market. A smaller than standard size would accommodate the 6-6.5 & smaller under represented group.


Please keep the bigger sizes of the rubber tho! You guys are the only place to get them!


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